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1.   Question: How much do you charge for shipping ???
    Answer: For most orders shipping is $6.60 or less, no matter how much you buy. For single coins  and items that are less then 13 ounces the shipping is much much lower. But remember shipping is combined and if you buy multiple items the shipping will not exceed $6.60 and if you buy 15 items or more the shipping is free within USA. (WE ARE EXPANDING. IF ITEMS ARE SHIPPED FROM DIFFERENT LOCATIONS THE SHIPPING MIGHT BE SLIGHTLY HIGHER)

1.1   Question: You are giving an option to pay with paypal, but I don't have a paypal account. Do I need to open one to place an order ???
    Answer: No you don't need to have a paypal account.. We use paypal for our credit card processing and If you don't want to open an account with paypal you don't have to.

  Question: I have specified that I want to pay with paypal, but I changed my mind and want to send you a check or money order ???
    Answer: If you have placed an order and specified payment as paypal, but want to pay with check/m.o. you can just contact us and we will guide you in the right direction.

3.   Question: I want to purchase items but I'm not having any success in finding a way to pay for the items. I'm not sure what to do after I fill the shopping basket ???
    Answer:  After you have found the items that you want to purchase and have added them to the basket you should be able to see
"View Basket" on the right hand side. After you click on it, you should see what to do next.

4.   Question: If I pay with the check is there a hold/clearing time ???
    Answer: Yes there is. If you need the item you are purchasing the fastest possible way, you can send Money Order/Cashier's Check or pay with the credit card, we are able to process most of the credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, ETC..

5.  Question: I have selected payment method as "Print order form" - I wanted to pay by check / money order. But I have changed my mind and would like to pay by credit card right now. What do I do ?

Answer:   Here is what you would need to do: Login in into your account then --> On the right please click “Your Account” --> Click on “Order History” --> Click on “Complete Payment” next to the order that you would like to pay for.---> Follow on screen instructions.


6.  Question: I don't see some of the links or buttons where is the Registration Link, Login Link ???
    Answer: If you are just having difficulty locating the links they are in the upper right corner of the site. Just in case here they are:  [Login | Register]

7.  Question: In the previous question it was mentioned that I can locate Registration and Login links in the right upper corner but I don't see them and / or when I click on your [Login | Register] links they don't open properly.
    What should   I do ???

Answer: Some browsers(programs used to browse the internet) might not show some of the links/buttons properly. We recommend you to download Firefox browser (it is compatible with most of the sites/scripts
    etc.) Here is the link to it:   Firefox main page (look for Download Now link)       Direct Download Link
(doesn't always work if it doesn't use Firefox main page link)





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