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2009 P Professional Life Cent Roll
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2009 P Professional Life Cent Roll

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2009 P Professional Life in Illinois Cent NEW Uncirculated Roll


In 1830, Thomas decided to move the family to Illinois, where he had relatives and where the soil was rich and productive. Early on, Abraham took a variety of jobs, including piloting a steamboat, but he was beginning to develop a serious interest in politics.

In April 1837, he settled in the new Illinois state capital, Springfield. Here, he met and married Mary Todd and their first child, Robert Todd Lincoln, was born in August 1843. 

In 1834, he was elected to the Illinois General Assembly, and began studying the law in earnest. In September 1836, he received a law license and embarked on the career that would propel him to the White House.

Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas was up for reelection in 1858, and in June the state Republican convention nominated Lincoln for the seat. The series of famous Lincoln-Douglas debates took place that fall, and while he did not win the seat, Lincoln's logic, moral fervor, elegant language and debating skills transformed him into a national figure. Lincoln continued to make a name for himself as a lawyer, and in 1846 he won election to the U.S. House of Representatives as a member of the Whig Party. At the 1860 Republican convention, he secured the nomination for President and was elected that fall.

Bank wrapped rolls.

Also available from Denver Mint (please click to see)

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